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The opportunity is here for you to learn, earn and grow!
The Personal Success Group is a special opportunity for you to learn from some of the top names in personal and professional development. As a member you are automatically an affiliate getting paid on those you introduce to the program.

About Us

What is the Personal Success Group?

It is a learning resource featuring some of my brilliant teachers in personal and professional development partnered with a way to earn money.

How does it work?

The learning part is simple. Create a membership and access our library of video, audio, other learning material and events on nearly every subject for personal and professional development that you can think of. The earning part is also simple. Once you are registered as a member you are automatically set up as an affiliate to earn monthly commissions as you share PSG with others.

Our fee structure

A one time set up fee of $497 gets you started. For a limited time everyone that joins The Personal Success Group receives a bonus package of materials valued at $2,500 including hard copy books, video and audio exclusive to the program. Once you are set up in the system your subscription is just $149 a month.*

*Click our affiliate structure to see how you can participate for free.

Become a
Faculty member

How do I get on the faculty?

We are always looking for content contributors to provide learning resources for our members. However we are very selective on striving to provide only the best content and material for our members. Please review the submission policies allowing us to consider you. If you are accepted there are fees to set up your faculty profile and you must remain a regular contributing member.

Benefits of Faculty membership

Lead Generation & Brand promotion- Lead generation and brand promotion are incredible opportunities within the Personal Success Group platform. Due to the quality of other faculty members and the volume of users on the platform being a faculty member gives you massive exposure around the world. When the members come to learn from one faculty member they consistently explore the platform checking out all of the others. This is a strong way to build an audience for your brand.


Faculty members we have spoken with revealed an interesting benefit to the Personal Success Group we hadn’t at first considered. Many coaches and thought leaders have struggled with the requirement to consistently provide content for subscription or ongoing programs. They often can provide materials for a few months but soon they run out of stuff to share and their subscribers feel a lack of value. With the Personal Success Group the burden on individual content creators is spread out over the entire faculty. There is always something new being added to the learning resources. There is no pressure for you to come up with new content all the time. Our subscribers stay as well because there is always more to learn!

Featuring Content From The Following Thought Leaders

Bob Proctor

Jack Canfield

Mark Victor Hansen

Joe Vitale

John demartini

John Assaraf

Marie Diamond

Marci Shimoff

Brian Tracy

Denis Waitley

Les Brown

Raymond Aaron

Mary Morrissey

Bob Doyle

Jim Cathcart

Subscription Income

Many of the faculty members we have talked to have indicated that they were considering starting their own subscription service for those they teach. The challenges have often been technology and marketing to attract a large enough audience. We solve both of those problems. We have the technology in place to make it easy for users and faculty members to share content and teach. New content can be added or altered at any time and testing new content is quick and easy. Marketing and finding new subscribers is also easy. Since our platform hosts many of the top names in personal and professional development our faculty members are able to leverage that authority and credibility to build a sustainable subscription base. And with each person and their tribe marketing the results for everyone are exponential.

Consistent Income

 One of the things I have noticed over the years working in personal development, and with hundreds of personal development leaders around the world, is that income is rarely consistent through out the year. There are certain times like summer holidays and around the festive seasons where income levels drop. (People go on holidays and people get busy.) However with the way we’ve set up the monthly subscription it is easier for members and faculty members to build a consistent and predictable income with the Personal Success Group.

Compensation Structures


Please be advised that we do not offer refunds as these are digital assets that are consumed once accessed. All sales and subscriptions are final. If you are having technical issues (eg. Cannot access account, did not receive an email etc.) Please email and we will help you.  Cancellation must be in writing 30 days prior to the next billing.

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